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Our Mission:


Building A Mutually Profitable Relationship with our Business partners


Established in 1972, Rit-Chem Co., Inc. is an international marketing organization with headquarters in Thornwood, New York. Our Functions are multi-fold, namely:

    1) Sales Agents -For major domestic and foreign chemical producers. In many instances Rit-Chem is the exclusive agent, for either the NAFTA region or some other geographically defined area.


    2) Importers -We also import directly utilizing our world-wide contacts to supply:

       a) Chemicals which are no longer manufactured in the US.
       b) Higher quality chemicals than available domestically.
       c) Chemicals which are custom produced for Rit-Chem only.


    3) Exporters - Shipping chemical products to global customers in over 15 countries. We can ship either from our warehouse or directly from the country of origin.


    4) Global Sourcing -Utilizing our expertise in locating the most feasible source for a wide array of manufacturers.

Now that you know a little about us, let's get to know each other better.  Contact us us concerning your needs, or to arrange a meeting to discuss your present and/or future requirements.